A whole generation might not understand the hype behind The most recent Star Wars Battle front!

It’s crazy to think that a whole generation of kids that do not understand why there was so much hype behind the Recent blunders called Star wars BattleFront I and II.  The original battlefront games were relased close to 10 years ago.

I remember  when the game came out and playing it on my PS2. The first game came out around the time online multiplayer was still starting. I remember playing online once or twice only because it was complicated to set up the online network. In a normal game the A.I would populate as the other players so it still felt like a massive battle was raging. It has been many years since I have played the original battle fronts but I remember having such fun on the game, playing as different soldiers from all of the movies and getting into a vehicle to create massive damage was always fun.


The main difference I noticed from the original to the new Battlefront games were that the vehicles in the new game were spawned in from a check point and the original you would have to pilot them into the air.  This alone made me upset with the new game. I have yet to play the 2nd new battlefront so i don’t know if it has improved from the first.

I am looking forward to replaying the Original Battlefront games on Xbox one.

What games are you looking forward to replaying? and What games do you wish Microsoft would make backwards compatible? Comment Below Thanks


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