Why am I Blogging?

Why start a blog? That is the question I am trying to answer. I have always loved video games, movies, and all things considered nerdy. Growing up, I always felt as if I journeyed alone in that world. Most of my family and friends never fully shared the same love I have for movies and video games. Therefore,  I assumed I was always alone in that department. It wasn’t until I reached college age, that I realized I was not alone in my love for film and movies. I have made many friends who not only share the same love, but also were deeper into the pop culture and video game world than I was.This realization made me feel as if I didn’t really love video games or anything pop culture . So for a while, I didn’t feel as if I could consider myself a gamer, or a nerd. Hopefully, I am not alone in the way I felt. I am sure that some people know exactly the feelings I felt. . . Or at least I hope so.  So why start a blog?    Well, it’s because I love this stuff! As I got older I realized the feelings I felt towards things was valid, and it didn’t really matter if I knew less than some people about the things I love. It goes to the quote of “if you’re the smartest man in the room then you’re in the wrong room!” That’s the way I have to look at the situation. Most people I meet with shared interests love to talk, and tell you things they know. I’ve grown to appreciate that it’s a great way to learn about new things! So I am starting the blog to dive deeper into the things I love, to share with everyone the things I love, and to learn from my many adventures!


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