Xbox live sale 04/10/2018

Xbox sale: Spring Add-on Sale!!!

This weeks sales are bouncing directly from lasts week spring sale. A lot of what xbox has for sale this week is tons of Add-on and DLC for games. I guess microsoft is using this to in a way extend there spring sale a little bit longer. I my self am excited they include several popular Xbox 360 DLC to the sale.4-10-2018_01

Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Dragon age: origins are among some of my favorite games to play. I remember when theses we original released they were sometimes as expensive as the game. luckily, during this same most of these DLC and Add-ons are less then $10. So if you are looking for an excuse to play some of these Xbox 360 games now you have an excuse! Any of the Xbox 360 DLC are a buy from me!


The rest of the sale didn’t really have anything that peaked my interest. The reason being when i purchase a game now-a-days, I always try to purchase a Bundle deal with the Season Pass included. This way I don’t ever have feel like i didn’t purchase a whole game. therefore, most of the games I do own I have the DLC already. I recommend that you look through this sale and buy what ever DLC you may be missing for a discounted price. I did  buy one item, which is the Complete Edition Bundle for Lords Of The Fallen. This game was part of the xbox live rewards and was given free to members about a year ago. The Sale was to good to pass up, original price is $14.99 and it was on sale for $2.90. Thats over 50%, Sold!

Sale recap:

Add-on sale : mostly Add-ons and DLC

Buy: Any DLC you are missing, Especially any of the Xbox 360 DLC

Bought: Lord of the Fallen Complete Edition Bundle


Thanks for checking out my Blog! Let me know of what Deals you took advantage of in the comments below!

Why am I Blogging?

Why start a blog? That is the question I am trying to answer. I have always loved video games, movies, and all things considered nerdy. Growing up, I always felt as if I journeyed alone in that world. Most of my family and friends never fully shared the same love I have for movies and video games. Therefore,  I assumed I was always alone in that department. It wasn’t until I reached college age, that I realized I was not alone in my love for film and movies. I have made many friends who not only share the same love, but also were deeper into the pop culture and video game world than I was.This realization made me feel as if I didn’t really love video games or anything pop culture . So for a while, I didn’t feel as if I could consider myself a gamer, or a nerd. Hopefully, I am not alone in the way I felt. I am sure that some people know exactly the feelings I felt. . . Or at least I hope so.  So why start a blog?    Well, it’s because I love this stuff! As I got older I realized the feelings I felt towards things was valid, and it didn’t really matter if I knew less than some people about the things I love. It goes to the quote of “if you’re the smartest man in the room then you’re in the wrong room!” That’s the way I have to look at the situation. Most people I meet with shared interests love to talk, and tell you things they know. I’ve grown to appreciate that it’s a great way to learn about new things! So I am starting the blog to dive deeper into the things I love, to share with everyone the things I love, and to learn from my many adventures!

A whole generation might not understand the hype behind The most recent Star Wars Battle front!

It’s crazy to think that a whole generation of kids that do not understand why there was so much hype behind the Recent blunders called Star wars BattleFront I and II.  The original battlefront games were relased close to 10 years ago.

I remember  when the game came out and playing it on my PS2. The first game came out around the time online multiplayer was still starting. I remember playing online once or twice only because it was complicated to set up the online network. In a normal game the A.I would populate as the other players so it still felt like a massive battle was raging. It has been many years since I have played the original battle fronts but I remember having such fun on the game, playing as different soldiers from all of the movies and getting into a vehicle to create massive damage was always fun.


The main difference I noticed from the original to the new Battlefront games were that the vehicles in the new game were spawned in from a check point and the original you would have to pilot them into the air.  This alone made me upset with the new game. I have yet to play the 2nd new battlefront so i don’t know if it has improved from the first.

I am looking forward to replaying the Original Battlefront games on Xbox one.

What games are you looking forward to replaying? and What games do you wish Microsoft would make backwards compatible? Comment Below Thanks

Xbox live spring Sale!

Xbox spring sale is live till March 9th!

Best time to buy games is to take advantage of the xbox live sales going on. I took the step a while back to get all my games as a digital copy. i will do a post about why i did this later.


I want to review deals on xbox live but i dropped the ball this week so my first deals review for xbox one should be next Tuesday when the sale resets.